Sommer challenges Italy: “They are favourites but we believe in it. Donnarumma? A pleasure to see him”

The goalkeeper of Inter and Switzerland who will face Italy tomorrow, Yann Sommerspoke to the microphones of Sky Sports: “I feel good. This is a special stadium, with an incredible history and tomorrow will be a great match, very important for both of us.”

What if Jorginho takes a penalty?
“That match before the World Cup is the past, I’m thinking about the present. Tomorrow is another match. Jorginho is a great player anyway. For us the preparation was important, we will play against a team of great quality and with many players that I know from Serie A or Inter”.

Sommer vs Donnarumma?
“He is a great goalkeeper, I have seen him for many years. The Inter coach spoke to me a lot about him, he has quality, he is fast, I like watching him play”.

Is Italy favoured?
“Tomorrow Italy is the favourites. They are European champions. But we will focus on our match and see.”

Have you heard Barella, Dimarco, Bastoni and Frattesi?
“Not in the last few days, before yes I stayed in touch. I like it, it will be nice to play against them tomorrow.”