Salernitana-Brera Holdings, another grey smoke: there is time until tomorrow, otherwise Iervolino remains

Important news regarding the sale of the company. What seemed fairly certain until a couple of weeks ago could be completely overturned by what is happening in these hours full of tension, confrontations and twists. According to rumors collected by our editorial staff, at 4 pm today the additional documentation that the company had requested from the representatives of Brera Holdings to concretize the transfer of shares has not arrived. The Pec of the Granata lawyers, led by the lawyer Francesco Fimmanòis currently empty. Iervolino, who intends to step aside, seems to have become bored with these constant hesitations and was ready to interrupt the negotiations. CEO Maurizio Milan has therefore taken control of the situation by giving an irrevocable ultimatum to the aforementioned American fund: if within 24 hours there are no guarantees on the payment method and on the financial solidity sufficient to guarantee an important project for Salernitana, the relationship will be interrupted and the doors will be opened to other potential buyers. To date, it is worth noting, no further offers have ever arrived.

There Brera Holdingswhich had issued a press release at the beginning of June confirming the existence of an advanced negotiation to acquire an Italian club playing in Serie B, had already attempted some approaches with Lecco and Brescia in the past without managing to close the deal. The proposal to pay in installments for the purchase of Salernitana (5 million euros in 5 years) and the sporting relaunch project based mainly on the proceeds from the sales had made many of Iervolino’s collaborators turn up their noses, who, in part, were pushing for the owner to rediscover enthusiasm and the desire to relaunch. The ultimatum will expire tomorrow at 8 pm, when the confidentiality agreement will also expire. Therefore, it is not at all to be ruled out that there could be a press release (in one sense or another) and that next week there could finally be the conference so eagerly awaited by the fans. Milan, which is doing a huge job, will stay regardless and has presented both parties involved with a detailed financial plan useful for combining the ambition of returning to Serie A within three years with an economic sustainability that would be the basis of the new course branded Iervolino.

Finally, as we have said in recent days, a permanence of the patron would be characterized by a different modus operandi compared to that of the first two years. A sort of remote management, with full powers to Milan and the sporting director, few interviews, fewer public appearances and a relationship of respect but without going further with the public. From here the idea of ​​joining the company takes shape again Gabetti Sports to delegate to an external company things that, until two months ago, were managed by Iervolino himself. TuttoSalernitana reports.