Portanova conquered Reggiana on the pitch. The club is trying to take him back from Genoa

After his arrival at the Reggio Emilia caused a lot of discussion, in relation to the well-known non-football events, Manolo Portanova he had the great merit of earning the esteem of the Emilian team on the field, with a season of 5 goals and 4 assists in 36 appearances in the team managed by Alexander Nesta and built by the director Roberto Goretti.

Today in Reggio Emilia the structure of the club has changed: on the bench there is William Avenues (with Nesta arriving in Serie A Monza) And Marcello Pizzimenti in the control room (Goretti has married the project Florentine), but the respect towards the midfielder owned by Genoa has remained unchanged.

So much so that, as reported by SkySports Reggiana is working with the Ligurian club for the return of the 2000-born player to the ‘Mapei Stadium’. It cannot be ruled out that the deal could be closed as early as next week.

Portanova (24) also wore the jersey of the Juventus Next Gen in the 2019/2020 season.