Mussi: “Milan still can’t compete with Inter. Parma? I hope they return to the 90s”


The former defender, among others, of Parma, Milan and Turin, Roberto Mussi spoke to the media present, including TMWat the Olimpiadi del Cuore in Forte dei Marmi, starting with the Viola: “Fiorentina, despite losing the final, had a good season. Italiano did extraordinary things in Florence. It’s clear that losing a final is never nice, but you also have to know how to lose”.

We start again with Palladino, is he ready for the leap?
“It won’t be easy for him to repeat what Italiano did. Palladino proved to be an excellent coach in Monza, always playing against even stronger teams. He seems to me to be a coach who knows what he wants and I think he can do well at Fiorentina too”

Kean arrives from Juventus, could he be the answer that Fiorentina is looking for?
“Kean has always shown great potential, despite lacking continuity. In an environment like Florence, if he manages to enter the hearts of the fans, he could do well. Do I see him as a centre-forward? He also has the quality to play as a striker, despite having played a lot as a winger in his career”

Between Atalanta and Fiorentina, which team would you choose if you were Zaniolo?
“Fiorentina is an important and sought-after club. If Zaniolo returned to Florence he should only be happy”

Do you like the Milan that is being created with Fonseca?
“I don’t know if it’s the right choice, but they will have evaluated it very well. I think they considered the player pool and what the coach asks for, they matched the coach with the team. If they take some players it could do well, but I don’t think can compete with Inter and the big teams. In short, the Rossoneri are there anyway, if they play it, they must be among the top four that will go to the Champions League, otherwise they would ruin everything.”

Will Milan’s ambitions be measured by the new striker?
“That’s an unknown… The team isn’t bad, it’s a good team, if made to play in the right way it can do really well, but when you change you can also fail”.

What are your feelings about Parma?
“In the meantime, I’m very happy that he’s back among the greats of Italian football, let’s hope he can repeat what was done in the 90s when I was there, that was an extraordinary Parma. The fans deserve a team in Serie A, but above all glorious like in the old days”.

Do you like Pecchia as a coach?
“Yes, he showed in Serie B that he played well, even if in the end he struggled a little too much. Over the course of the year he showed that he knows how to manage the team in the right way, making them play well.”