Marchisio: “I hope that Zaccagni’s goal gives energy to Italy. Juve, I hope that Motta brings his ideas”


The former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio spoke on the sidelines of the Football Moments Padel Tour event, touching especially on the topic of Luciano Spalletti’s national team, engaged tomorrow afternoon in the eighth finals of Euro2024 against Switzerland. These are the words of the former midfielder to our microphones:

How did you take Zaccagni’s goal against Croatia that gave us qualification to the round of 16?
“Especially with surprise because we didn’t expect it anymore. Then in the end there was great joy for everyone. We hope that this can give more energy, more guilt and more confidence in the resources of our national team.”

How did you see the national team in the group stage?
“Luck is always an important factor in these competitions, it has to be there to get to the final and try to win. This is true for those who are stronger but also for the surprise of the tournament. Now it’s the final phase, they are different matches compared to the group and you play it straight away and also the emotional aspect will be important. So I hope that that goal, also for how it came about, from the Calafiori ride up to the great goal by Zaccagni, can bring positive energy””.

Best wishes to Thiago Motta and Juventus?
“Good luck and bring your ideas.”