Lupo: “Antonelli will not repeat the mistakes made by Venezia. Di Francesco? Just bad luck in Frosinone”

Eusebius announced By Francesco as the new coach of Venezia, after the departure of Paolo Vanoli, with destination Turin. The former sporting director of the Lagunari, Fabio Wolfspoke at AllVeniceSport to talk about the choice and the next market moves of the orange-black-greens.

What do you think of Di Francesco’s choice for the bench?

“I think that in this way they are forcing me to support Venezia more than I already do, by putting a Pescara native like me on the bench (laughs, ed.). Jokes aside, I think they have hired an excellent coach, he has shown it throughout his career. He was not lucky in the last one, but on the technical and especially human qualities I have no doubts about the goodness of the choice. Also because in the way of working, starting from what Vanoli has set up, Di Francesco will be able to easily transmit his ideas on the basis that are already there”.

In short, do you see it as a choice in continuity with Vanoli’s mentality?

“Absolutely yes. This variability that Vanoli gave to the team, going from the various 4-3-3 to the 3-4-2-1 up to the 3-5-2, this fluidity of the game system, Eusebio had also brought it in Frosinone. Only due to great misfortune did he not achieve an important objective such as salvation.”

From manager to manager, what do you think of the work of director Antonelli, who is not his first career promotion despite maintaining a low profile?

“He is one of the best at his job and I would add a little underrated. He has worked his way up, he has demonstrated, he has built everything he is collecting with his own strength. This is perhaps why he is a little underrated, even if he certainly doesn’t need of course I say it. I’m happy for him who is a serious and competent person.”

Amid the market rumors, Pohjanpalo posts photos of a true Venetian, while the club confirms his permanence. Do you believe in it or will it still be difficult to retain in your opinion?

“I believe that the will of both the player and the club is to continue. However, I also believe that there are dynamics in the market through which offers can then arrive, not necessarily indispensable, but important ones in the face of which both parties can say: ‘ let’s take it into consideration.’ It’s still a slow market for the Europeans involved, it’s not taking off at all. Someone like him, both in Italy and abroad, can only attract clubs of a certain level , then we’ll see what kind of offers arrive.”

For salvation, is it a good thing that names who know Serie A are circulating, like that of Oristanio?

“Antonelli knows these dynamics very well, but since you ask me, if I have to say my piece I’ll say that in my opinion there should be a bit of a mix with players who know this championship and who bring knowledge and experience, otherwise we risk making the same mistake we made two years ago in Serie A, with the arrival of too many players who didn’t know the championship. I think a pinch of Serie A should be brought in”.

Also to replace any departures, Tessmann above all?

“I think the sporting director is prepared for the eventuality that someone like Tessmann could leave. It’s in the realm of hypotheses, he will certainly have alternatives and now he also has a coach to discuss with, to prepare an alternative plan to that of having important players like him or Pohjanpalo, who can attract a certain type of market”.