Koivisto: “Proud to wear the Milan jersey. Italian football will help me grow”

“I am really excited to join Milan, I think my biggest strength is my work ethic, I am a very hard working player. As a defender I like to participate in the offensive phase”. The new Rossoneri signing Emma Koivisto she speaks to the club’s official channels about her expectations for this new adventure and the goals to pursue: “I tried to gather as much information as possible, I spoke with Heroum, Sevenius and also Korpela, who played with Roma last year. They only told me positive things about Italy and that’s why I’m here. – continues the Finnish player – I believe I can learn from the Italian style of play, which is very different from the English one, and it will help me grow as a player”.

Then there is room for objectives in this new adventure: “I want to achieve great results and grow as a player, I really think we are a strong team and we can compete in the championship. – concludes Koivisto – I am very proud and honored to play for such a great and historic clubI’m happy to wear this shirt.”