Joselu says goodbye: “Thank you Real Madrid. Today I leave as I did years ago, but in reality I’m staying”

Joselu Mato he is no longer a player of the real Madrid. The striker, who separated today from Whites and then go to QatarAl-Gharafa SCtook leave of his fans with a letter published by the club’s official channels: “Thank you: It is the best and most appropriate word to express everything I feel at this moment, in which emotion and nervousness barely allow me to write.

Thank you Real Madrid for everything you have made me feel throughout my life. Outside and inside. Inside and out. Thank you for what you taught me as a child; Thank you for giving me so many examples of greatness and humility at the same time. Thank you for keeping my dream alive and making it a reality.

Thanks Presi, you’re really great. Thank you very much José Ángel. Thanks to all the employees of the largest and most exemplary club. Thank you coach for your way of understanding this match. Thank you Team for being my family. Thank you fans for so much passion, so much affection and that complicity that made us fly. I left years ago but I’ve never left. I’m leaving today too but in reality I’m staying. Thank you. JOSELU”.