Italy, Spalletti reiterates: “Often below our level. I expect more with Switzerland”

A concept on which the coach Luciano Spalletti has beaten often in recent days. Italy, in his opinion, plays below its level in too many situations. In the press conference, Spalletti himself spoke about the issue as follows:

We expect a very versatile eleven. How do you expect the match to unfold?
“It’s always the same thing. We haven’t yet been able to express the level we can: in some moments yes, but then we haven’t been able to maintain it over time. This qualification came at the last second, but in my opinion it’s deserved , it must still make us think that we cannot afford those drops in tension like we had at the beginning of the second half, at certain moments of the matches. The fact of now being in the heart of the competition because you have qualified gives you the level you need always perform because there is no alternative. On a psychological and personality level I expect a little more than what we have managed to show so far.”

What do you think of Switzerland and its footballers?
“Yakin is very good, Switzerland is a team that is good on the pitch and showed its qualities against Germany. From what we have seen and from direct knowledge, we know that it has quality and strength. an important player on an international level. But these are all things that are part of the level and football that we can show.”