FIFA Sets Goal: Aims to Raise $2 Billion for Streaming Service

There FIFA continues to work to improve its streaming service. As reported by Bloombergwhile trying to assign the TV rights to the 2025 Club World Cup, with the negotiation with Apple appearing to be at a standstill and which therefore could also lead to a return to the individual markets of the countries concerned, FIFA has decided to turn to investors to expand its FIFA+ streaming channel.

The world soccer governing body aims to raise at least one billion dollars and to do so it is using the work of the UBS group with the prospect of reaching up to 2 billion dollars in resources (at the current exchange rate just under 1.9 billion dollars). To do so, FIFA would have to sell a minority stake in FIFA+, a streaming platform that broadcasts international matches in countries where the TV rights have not been assigned. The latest example is related to the Oceania Cup of Nations, broadcast in Spain by FIFA+.

When it launched in 2022, FIFA+ expected to stream 40,000 live matches a year, with at least a quarter of those coming from women’s football. The Women’s World Cup was broadcast for free where the TV rights for the matches had not been sold.