Ent. Kayode: “Premier Clubs on him, no negotiations. And Palladino reassured him”

TMW Exclusive

One of the hottest names in the house Florentine from the market’s point of view it is Michael’s Kayodelinked to several clubs – English ones in particular – in recent days, all after a year in which he showed his value and talent in the first team, with Vincenzo Italian.

Exclusively for the editorial staff of Allmarketweb he intervened to talk about him Andrea Returnsits discoverer as well as chief scouting for prosecutor Claudio’s VigoGlobalSport Service Vigorelliagency that represents the player.

Where do you see him growing this year? Is he ready to be a starter next season, wherever he plays?

“This year was his first experience: he made his Serie A debut in Genoa, even without knowing it before the match. He held up well, he was precise on the pitch, very focused, proactive. Of course he still has some fine tuning to do on his game, sometimes still a bit too dirty, but this is a boy born in 2004 who comes from the Primavera, won a European Under 19 and then went to the first team. It was a more than positive year. I’m only sorry for one aspect”.

“That when Spalletti called him up and gave him the chance to join the national team, he got injured and was out for a month and a half. However, nothing changes, the things that haven’t been done now will be done over time. He responded well with Italiano, the coach was very good at distributing and managing him with him, so as not to burn him out. Now he’s super ready and prepared”.

How do you prepare for the new season?
“Think about it, he’s been training on his own for 15 days with a personal trainer to get to 100% on the day of the retreat. I think he has to take a further step this year to get to the top, obviously improving and with an aligner like Paladino I think he has a good chance of doing it. I think about the fact that the coach already knows him from his time at Juventus when he was in Turin”.

About Palladino: the coach said he spoke a bit with all the players. Was there a confrontation between the two?

“Yes, 10 days ago Palladino called him and Mike called me back to tell me how happy he was about it.”

What did they say to each other?

“The coach spoke to us and reassured him. Then naturally no one has a permanent job, he has to earn it and deserve it, but he was very happy. Palladino believes in him a lot.”

Palladino reassured Kayode, but has Kayode reassured Palladino (that he will stay)?

“The market is so particular and it ends on August 31st, considering that they ask for it in the Premier and Bundesliga it means that I have seen well and long with him, that Vigorelli has worked well and that Fiorentina has been good. They ask me: “You have many requests”. But one thing is the request, which is nice and everyone likes it, another is to sit down and negotiate, something that has never happened so far. Then Kayode has a contract until the age of 24, so in short there are no other things”.

Is there also interest from Italy, or is it now out of the market for our teams?
“There has been something from Italy, but little: mostly we talk about the Premier. Today Kayode is from Fiorentina, who are holding on to him. Palladino wants him. Then if an offer arrives, Fiorentina will decide. To date there is no “It’s nothing concrete, they’re just rumors. I think and hope that he stays to mature for one more year. If he has another great year here, then his value will also increase, because I’m convinced that he will have an amazing season with Palladino.”

Lucchesi we read today that he is requested by Cagliari. Is there a possibility he goes out on loan?
“The coach will have to evaluate this, because he will certainly leave for the retreat with Fiorentina. There is Cagliari, there are two other teams in Serie A and then there are many others in Serie B, 3-4. We are only pleased and flattered by this, because Lorenzo is a great player. He is from Fiorentina, so we will see what coach Palladino decides, even if I think he already has clear ideas about the players who were on loan or not. Let’s try to find the best path for Lorenzo because he too will be able to get his great satisfactions in the top Serie A championship, as he had this year in Serie B, playing 26 games, two goals and one assist. A great profile”.