Donnarumma challenges Sommer: “I know him well. Me stronger? I don’t like making comparisons”

In a press conference on the eve of the match against Switzerland, the Italian goalkeeper Gigio Donnarumma he also spoke about his Swiss colleague Yann Sommer:

“I know Sommer well, I also often talk to his trainer Spinelli and he has had a truly excellent season. But are you stronger? I don’t know, I don’t like making comparisons. I’m very happy with what Sommer has done so far but I hope tomorrow do much less.”

In the matches against Switzerland which did not allow us to go to the World Cup, they guessed the approach: isn’t there a risk of exposing ourselves?
“They are a team that comes to press, they want to steal the ball quickly and then play vertically. They are a very physical team, that holds the field well. We need to try some situations, a play. We have to be good at understanding when to play and when not to, we have to give them as little trust as possible and bring the inertia of the game to our side”.