Bertolucci: “Italy started slowly? Like in the slams, the first week is useless”


The former tennis player Paolo Bertolucci spoke to the microphones of TMW touching on hot topics in the world of football, with particular attention to Fiorentina and his favourite team, Milan.

As a Tuscan, what do you think of Fiorentina?
“In recent years a small step forward has always been made. It seems that the ownership is solid, that it wants to do things well. Galliani has always spoken well of Palladino, so I am confident, let’s say”.

How do you see Kean’s arrival for the attack?
“At Juventus he was quite closed and the season was complicated. He has quality, he’s young, I don’t think he’s forgotten along the way what needs to be done.”

Would Zaniolo be a good move?
“I don’t know… He’s talented, but he had injuries and then he wandered around a bit. His qualities are notable, but they’re not enough on their own, you also need head and physique. But he’s still young and there’s time. ‘has”.

Fonseca’s new Milan?
“For now, Fonseca is the only new thing… There’s no talk about the transfer market for the moment about Milan. I read about a certain Chukwuemeka, we need to take the computer out of Moncada’s hands, otherwise he’ll do damage. The transfer market has yet to start, but I think that Milan has taken action and has clear ideas, even if the fans are stumbling in the dark.”

Italy with Switzerland?
“Let’s hope for the best… It didn’t start well, but it’s like in the slams, the first week doesn’t mean much.”