Bento’s vanished dream: Inter offered 15 million, a firm “no” from Athl. Paranaense

Josep Martinez toInterall that’s missing is the official announcement: the Nerazzurri have finally chosen him as their vice-Summerquickly finding an agreement with the player’s entourage and with the GenoaFor a long time, the Brazilian has been leading the list of potential future Nerazzurri players Bento Krepski of Atletico Paranaense, currently playing in the Copa America with the Verdeoro. Then the management turned to the second option.

The reason is easy to say: according to the Brazilian portal of Globe Export L’Inter had in fact offered 15 million euros to theAthletico Paranaensethe same amount then guaranteed to Grifone, but receiving a firm “no” from the club he belongs to.

In short, what Bento had defined as a “dream”, the landing at Inter, has vanished, despite having exposed himself personally to indicate Milan as his favorite destination. However, now there is no shortage of suitors to get him: Liverpool and the two big Portuguese teams Benfica and Sporting remain on the sidelines. If no offer is deemed right by Atletico Paranaense, however, the Selecao goalkeeper will remain in Brazil. His current club is waiting for proposals above 20 million euros.