Bari, Pellegrini’s renewal is coming: the 2005-born player will be the third goalkeeper

Waiting to understand if it will be Marco Pissardoprotagonist at the end of last season with six appearances in the championship and two in the play outs and close to renewing, the first goalkeeper of Bari or if the club will buy one on the market to replace the departing one Brenno in the Apulian house they also look to the future between the posts.

According to reports from Sky Sports in fact the red and whites have defined the contract renewal of the 2005 class player Luigi Pellegrini16 appearances with the Primavera in the season just ended, who will be tied to the club from the Apulian capital until 2025 and will most likely be promoted to the first team to cover the role of third goalkeeper available to mister Longo.

The names to fill the role of first instead always remain those of Mirko Pigliacelli leaving Palermo and of Andrea Fulignatileaving Catanzaro. Two profiles of experience and reliability that sporting director Giuseppe Magalini and vice Valerio Di Cesare have been working on for several weeks now in search of an agreement with both their respective clubs and the players themselves. Both Pigliacelli and Fulignati – who however seems destined for Cremonese – would give, on paper, those certainties to the red and white rearguard that have too often been lacking in the last, negative, season of Serie B.