Amoruso: “I believe in Giuntoli’s work. Curious to see the new Juventus”


Nicola Amorusoon the sidelines of the Football Moments Padel Tour event, spoke about Juventus’ next transfer market and Italy’s chances in view of the round of 16 match against Switzerland:

What do you expect from tomorrow’s match?
“I expect a team that will take enthusiasm from the episode of Zaccagni’s goal. That maybe will be able to have the ability to play the game. To take more initiative as Spalletti said. Also because at this point anything can happen. It’s one of those moments in which the team can really become aware. It could be a new restart”.

Scamacca or Retegui in his team?
“For what are also the physical characteristics, Scamacca is leaving. With his physique he must and can help the team with the climb. And then maybe during the match the speed of Retegui can be important”.

How do you explain the attackers’ struggle to score consistently in this European Championship?
“But in fact I’m absolutely curious to see the eighth finals, the decisive blow could come there. Yes, if we compare this tournament with the past ones, do we mean that there is less quality? That’s fair enough. But I’m convinced that there are strong strikers who can make the difference. It wasn’t a super spectacular European Championship. I expect to see more quality”.

Does the Juventus transfer market already make it clear what direction the Juventus club is taking?
“Naturally there have already been some interesting operations. I believe very much in the work of Giuntoli. He is a football connoisseur and is building a strong team starting from the coach. We need ideas. A club that works in the same direction with the coach. I like Motta’s idea of ​​team and play. We need to change some players, I’m curious about this too “.