It’s called “European”, but more than a third of the sponsors are… Chinese

It’s called “European”, but the push, at least at sponsor level, comes from all over the world. From China, in particular: the companies that come from there are 5 of the 13 official global sponsors of the tournament organized by UEFA and hosted by Germany. In short, more than a third of the total. Among them, the electric vehicle manufacturer Byd, the smartphone group Vivo, the appliance manufacturer Hisense and then the various Alibaba, AliExpress and Alipay+ stand out.

These are the other brands leading the way in these weeks of the continental event: Adidas, Atos, Betano,, Coca-Cola Zero, Lidl, Engelbert Strauss, Visit Qatar, plus the local sponsors of Bitburger, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom , Ergo and Wiesenhof.