Euro 2024, the updated scoreboard of the round of 16: the national teams qualified, recovered and eliminated

What will happen to Euro 2024? With the qualifications achieved on Tuesday evening by Austria, France, England, Denmark (plus the two best thirds Holland and Slovenia), after those gained by Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy between Sunday and Monday, the program of the phases is gradually being outlined tournament finals. While waiting for the four matches on Wednesday, the last of the group stage of the tournament, here is the updated calendar of the round of 16:

The updated program of the round of 16
June 29th at 6pm

June 29th at 9pm

June 30th at 6pm
England-Third Group E/F/Holland

June 30th at 9pm
Spain-Third Group A/E/F/Holland

July 1st at 6pm
France-Second Group E

July 1st at 9pm
Portugal-Third Group A/B/Slovenia

July 2nd at 6pm
First Group E-Third Group A/B/D/Slovenia

July 2nd at 9pm
Austria-Second Group F

The best thirds of Euro 2024
Holland 4 points
Slovenia 4 points
Slovakia 3 points*
Hungary 3 points
Croatia 2 points
Czech Republic 1 point*

*One game less

The five national teams already eliminated from Euro 2024
Scotland (eliminated from Group A)
Croatia (eliminated from Group B)
Albania (eliminated from Group B)
Serbia (eliminated from Group C)
Poland (eliminated from Group D)

Italy has dodged four big names, at least until the final
The round of 16 against Switzerland, gaining on mere paper, certainly seems within the reach of coach Spalletti’s Italy, but what will happen in the event of further progress to the next round? Considering Tuesday night’s results and awaiting the final four matches of the Euro 2024 group stage, the competition draw could put us in our path Austria, England and Belgium (on the pitch against Ukraine on Wednesday). The risk of crossing paths with four battleships has been averted, at least until the final: Germany, Spain and Portugalall first forces of their respective groups, in addition to the France already qualified.