26 June 2011, the historic relegation of River Plate. Passerella was on the bench

On June 26, 2011, at the Monumental, there is a match that changes the paradigm of Argentine football. Because River Plate, the Millionarios par excellence, drew 1-1 against Belgrano. But it is a defeat, given that it was the relegation play-off: in the first leg the red and whites had lost 2-0 at Los Piratas.

But hope was the last to die. Because the remuntada was in the air and in the fifth minute it was Mariano Pavone who broke the deadlock: 1-0 for River Plate. On the bench is Daniel Passarella, coach of Parma for five games and zero points. The opportunities don’t come, Erik Lamela doesn’t shake himself – and he would be the rising star – and a penalty isn’t awarded which, in times of VAR, probably would have been awarded. Thus the minutes passed and Farré scored the equalizer, beating Pablo Carrizo who in Italy we remember above all for his adventure at Lazio.

There would have been a penalty for a possible 2-1, but Mariano Pavone missed it after Leandro Caruso had been pushed in the area. Easy save for Olave, time wouldn’t be lacking but grit and spirit would. 65,000 fans present and some clashes after the match with fans crying over the first (and so far last) relegation to Serie B.