Pepe: “Frattesi is my favorite Italian footballer. When he comes on the pitch, you feel it”


Simone Pepe, former Juventus player among others, spoke in a conference at the Padel Football Moments, a charity event whose proceeds will be donated to the Piedmontese Foundation for cancer research. These are his statements collected by TMW from a national perspective:

Can we become attached to this national team?
“Absolutely yes, now I’m going back to experiencing the national team like in 1990, when I was a kid. For me it’s a fantastic memory even if it didn’t go the way we wanted. I’m starting to live it again like when I was a child.”

An opinion on the national team?
“A national team that has good players. Then in the last two performances they suffered. Spain put us under, but against Croatia it was a particular match and we felt too much pressure. We must see the glass half full, because we have passed. Now we can play against Switzerland.”

Your favorite national team player?
“Frattesi. For me he is an intelligent player with skill and knows how to score goals. When he enters the field you feel it.”

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