Messina, two profiles for after Rome: contacts with Cerri and Minguzzi

The streets of Domenico Rome he was born in Messina they separated due to the sports director’s decision to accept the proposal of Foggia. For the Peloritan club, the need has therefore emerged to find a new contact person in the technical sector in view of next season.

About that speaks of contacts already underway with two profiles: that of Massimo Cerri is that of Vincenzo Minguzzi in the last season in Serie D al Legnano.

The first, 65 years old, is one of the long-standing professionals in the world of Lega Pro, with experiences in Piacenza, Cosenza, Alessandria, Monopoli, Catanzaro and Brindisi. The second, 68 years old, has worked in recent years in clubs such as Rieti, Grosseto, Carrarese and Brindisi before last year’s adventure in Lombardy.