Italy, Zaccagni still doesn’t believe it: “This is a beautiful group, thanks to Spalletti”

The day after his first goal for the national team and one of the most important of his career, in Mattia Zaccagni there are many emotions from the night in Leipzig that continue to live on. And many viral contributions on social media make him realize what actually happened in the 98th minute of Croatia-Italy. One of the most shared is the incredible resemblance to Alessandro Del Piero’s goal in the 2006 World Cup semi-final in Dortmund against Germany, the other is the celebration of his son Thiago, posted by his wife Chiara, in seeing his father score again. “I don’t know the number of messages received, I still have to respond to many – admits the Lazio winger in an interview with Vivo Azzurro TV -: I choose one: the one of my wife with the video she then posted, in which my son can be heard saying ‘Ba Ba Ba’ (he is learning to say ‘daddy’, ed). But they came to me from friends, old teammates, old coaches.”

And also by those who scored in Dortmund in almost the same way: “We spoke with Alex Del Piero last night. He was very happy and very happy for me, he told me to continue like this. The dynamics of the goal? Calafiori was good at moving the ball forward, then he saw me with the tail of the goal ‘eye and gave me the perfect ball to kick. I didn’t think twice about it.”

After the goal, also the celebration with a swerve, also similar to that of Del Piero in July 18 years ago: “I wanted to get as close as possible to the bench, I got to the flag and was overwhelmed by everyone. Spalletti immediately came to me, kissed and hugged me: it was too important to go through as runners-up in the group, it was a beautiful evening for everyone, who I will carry in my heart forever.”

From a beautiful evening to an afternoon, Saturday’s, which Italy hopes will be equally beautiful: “The strength of the group is very important in these competitions. In clubs it is perhaps easy to create it because there is more time to be together. But this is a beautiful group, we are fine and the coach was good in all of this.”