Denmark-Serbia 0-0 in the 45th minute. So much intensity, few opportunities. Heavy yellow for Hjulmand

Intensity rules the green rectangle of the Allianz Arena in Munich during the first half of Denmark-Serbia, match of the third day of Euro2024 as regards Group C. The two teams, in fact, battle from the first minute for all the balls. With a very high density in the midfield area.

As far as opportunities are concerned, however, it is the Danes who are the ones to be preferred with a couple of opportunities not properly exploited by Bah and by Eriksen who finds a prompt response from Rajkovic to his poisonous low shot in the 20th minute.

Of note in the 30th minute was the yellow card for the ex Lecce Morten Hjulmand which in the event of qualification for the round of 16 of his representative team will force him to miss the match because he is disqualified.