Turin, Ilic and Sanabria are on the market: with them a treasure can come

Davide Vagnati is thinking about reinforcements for Torino but, at the same time, he has to fix the players who are not part of Paolo Vanoli’s plans. Not only that: the objective is to raise cash independently of the Buongiorno operation. Among the many players to be fixed – underlines Tuttosport – there are two who can bring a nice nest egg: Ivan Ilic and Tonny Sanabria. Two players of a certain caliber who disappointed expectations last season.

Ilic was the second most expensive investment of the Cairo presidency after Verdi, on whom 22 million were spent. The Serbian 17, including commissions. Sanabria was also a huge disappointment: after the formidable start to 2022, in the last championship he scored only 5 goals in 35 appearances. The Paraguayan also has some requests. In La Liga, for example. And in Italy it was done under Parma, newly promoted and ambitious. For his price tag, Toro asks for 10 million, obviously negotiable but… not that much. In this department the only one certain to remain is Zapata, who with his 12 goals in the granata shirt has conquered the whole Toro world.