The sporting restriction has been extended, Gravina: “Fundamental provision for those who believe in nurseries”

According to what he reveals LaPressetoday’s Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi, approved a provision which extends to 30 June 2025 the term of the sporting restriction for memberships signed before the entry into force of the reform, i.e. the 1 July 2023.

“I would like to thank Minister Andrea Abodi and the entire Government on behalf of all the Serie A teams for the measure adopted today by the Council of Ministers, aimed at extending the deadline for the sporting restriction,” he commented. Lorenzo CasiniPresident of the Serie A League. “We are satisfied and relieved that our requests have been accepted, even at the hearing in Parliament, aimed at protecting a strategic basin for our movement such as that represented by the young Serie A CDs and the Serie nurseries A. It will now be important to use these twelve months to find the best possible solutions to regulate the different needs of the world of professionalism and that of amateurs”, we read on the official website of the League.

The president of the FIGC also spoke at ANSA Gabriele Gravina: “The protection of nurseries is one of the FIGC’s priorities, because they represent a fundamental asset for the development of the entire Italian football movement. For this reason I thank the entire Government and Minister Abodi, as well as all the political forces that have proven sensitive to the topic, for having accepted the appeal that I launched no later than a week ago in the Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on the matter to the request for a one-year extension on the abolition of the so-called sports win, a fundamental provision that allows clubs that believe in youth sectors the time necessary to reorganize their work with a view to valorising young people”.