Kane: “I feel like more than just a striker. For Pochettino I was a ‘9’, with Mou more freedom”

When a coach makes the difference. During a long interview granted to the microphones of ESPN UKthe center forward of the England national team and Bayern Munich Harry Kane he recounted the last period he lived at Tottenham before leaving the Premier League. Moment in his career in which the class of ’93 experienced management Mauricio Pochettino before and Jose Mourinho then, in the midst of the Covid period. Many visions of the game were appreciated by Hurricane for the gaming dictates recommended by the Special Onethanks to which he was able to express himself with greater freedom and without positional constraints.

The personal story. “I have always felt like more than just a striker who has to wait for the ball for the entire match. I feel like I can impact the match with my passes and also entering spaces…José (Mourinho, ed.) allowed me and the players other attackers to be a little more free. There weren’t too many structures – Kane said -, I always felt like I was someone, even when I was young, who likes to fall and get the ball and play passes”.

Pochettino asked for something else. “Maybe I was more of a sort of number ‘9’ with Mauricio (Pochettino, ed.), and people saw me as number ‘9’. But when José arrived – said the 30-year-old striker – he gave us more freedom of position, knowing that we connected well with the other teammates, with the forwards, like Sonny (Heung-min Son, ed.) and it was the perfect opportunity to do it with that coach.”