Germany, Musiala: “Many young people are doing well. Bellingham surprising, Pedri fantastic”

Jamal Musiala he’s certainly stealing the show in these Europeans of Germany. The attacking midfielder born in 2003 is making fans and opponents’ eyes roll out with refined plays and intoxicating dribbling, often even with a handkerchief, to split rival defenses in two. At the moment the prodigy born in 2003, owned by Bayern Munich, is enjoying his personal moment and also that of the national team, coached by Julian Nagelsmann, and officially qualified for the round of 16 of Euro 2024.

To the question: “Are there any young footballers in the world that you admire now?”, posed by ESPN UK, the 21-year-old playmaker responded with a smile on his face as he thought about how many enormous talents the football landscape is filled with. Top players who steal the eye and at this moment completely on display, in the spotlight of Euro 2024just like Musiala.

The confession. “A lot of young players are doing really well now. Certainly there’s Jude (Bellingham, ed.) who is doing surprising things at Real (Madrid, ed.). There’s Pedri, who I think is a fantastic player. There are so many many, even Saka from Arsenal are probably names that don’t come to mind at the moment but you see them all doing well, and that’s good.