France, Renard announces: “After the Olympics I will leave the leadership of the women’s national team”


The experience of Herve Renard on the France Women’s bench will end with the Paris Olympics scheduled from 26 July to 11 August. The coach confirmed this during the press conference which was held today just over a month after the start of the competition: “If we project ourselves onto August 10th (date of the final of the Olympic tournament – Editor’s note) it means that I will stay here for another 48 days and the whole team wants to stay together that long. To win the tournament, in addition to talent, we will need both the state of mind and cohesion in the group, if we have these three ingredients we cannot hope for anything. – continues Renard – An intense period awaits us because qualifying for the European Championships is also very important and we must do an athletic preparation that allows us to be in shape both for these challenges and for the Olympics”.

“There are no worries about the fact that I will leave at the end of the tournament – concludes Renard – this will be my eleventh international competition and I have the experience to manage this situation, furthermore there is always the pride of wearing the French national team uniform and the desire to end on a high note”.

In the coach’s future there would be a return to a men’s bench with the aim of finding a national team with which to try to qualify for the World Cup to be held in 2026 in North-Central America.