Altafini on Retegui: “Good, but not a phenomenon. Oriundo? When you play you don’t think about it”

In an interview granted to La Gazzetta dello Sport, José Altafini he spoke about Italy and in particular who should play the role of center forward.

Spalletti seems intent on letting Retegui play.
“In my opinion it’s wrong. I would have confirmed the team that played against Spain: if you win you’re calm, but if you lose a match you have double the anger.”

But what kind of center forward is Retegui?
“Good, not a phenomenon. His strong point: he is someone who takes advantage of almost all the opportunities he has, a great finisher.”

What can have more than Scamacca?
“Less pressure, therefore perhaps less fear. And perhaps he collaborates with the midfield in a different way, he helps him by running and returning a lot. Retegui sacrifices a lot and this can be important for a team. But…”.

“A center forward cannot spend 90 minutes going back, chasing his opponents: running yes, but not in vain, in vain. A center forward cannot be tired, he must be clear-headed when the moment arrives to exploit a chance.”

For Retegui, playing for Italy presented itself as a mutual opportunity: but if you were one, how does a native actually experience playing for a country that is not the one where he was born?
“When you play you don’t think about whether you were born in Italy or Argentina, you just want to win and make a good impression. Retegui has chosen the Italy shirt, he wants to win for this shirt. And make a good impression for himself.”