Cucci on CorSport: “Gigio is no longer Dollarumma, he doesn’t deserve the criticism of the Parisian idiots”

“This disorganized, weak, lost Italy makes me feel guilty. We have it, I have pampered it too much. I’m also talking about myself. I told Spalletti, the Azzurri not to be afraid. And I was wrong. Just looking at the work embarrassed and embarrassing cursors I remembered Mihajlovic who told his boys – who left for a dangerous and vital trip – to be afraid to find humility and anger, a reaction of men. They were afraid first, they rejoiced for their Sinisa, afterwards without fear last night I saw him, I photographed him. Today I pray for tomorrow in front of San Gigio”. Thus begins the editorial of Italo Cucci for the Corriere dello Sportin the aftermath of Italy’s ugly defeat against Spain on the second day of the Euro 2024 group stage.

“I’m not joking. I’ll leave Buffon alone who is part of the company and I dare say that last night Donnarumma reminded me of Zoff. Dino didn’t put on a show, he was total and composed security. Gigio is flying, Gigio has security at the top on the fingers, just remember how he saved Italy from Albania in the ninetieth minute. Gigio is no longer Dollarumma, his value today has evened the score, PSG’s was a bold intuition and does not deserve the criticism of some idiot. Parisian”.