Llorente: “Minimal difference between Spain and Italy. I like the character of the Azzurri”

Who better than Fernandro Llorenteformer Spanish striker of Napoli and Juventus, can present Spain-Italy. El Rey Leon, interviewed by The printexplained that he does not see major differences in values ​​between the two teams: “The levels are not distant. The Nations League has already shown that the difference is minimal. They are two competitive national teams”.

Why in Italy do we find it more difficult to rely on young people on the pitch and beyond?
“For you, physicality is a key requirement and it happens that young people have numbers and not height, for you only size gives certainties. Perhaps it also applies to
non-sporting issues, but I don’t know.”

What did you like about Spain?
“The number of solutions, the athletic condition, seeing them travel with the ball at their feet.”

And what about Italy?
“Character. Reacting to a goal conceded in the first seconds is not a given and it is a film that you take with you. You are aware that you can do it.”

Is there a team that impressed you on your debut?
“After a match everything is ephemeral, but Germany is interesting.”

What happened during your years at Juventus?
“Everything, five titles in two seasons, a powerful group, a formative experience. Maybe it took me a while to understand how important that period was, but it’s definitely a factor that I’m clear about. Given the short time I spent there, I’m still surprised and grateful for the public’s affection. Italy is special, in fact I’m in Naples, partying, then we become enemies again for the duration of a match.”