Genoa, Sbravati: “The top clubs fear us, it’s a great satisfaction. Future? Now is not the time”


Genoa is only behind Inter in terms of performance of the Youth Sector. The head of the Genoa Youth Sector talks about it Michele Sbravati to the microphones of TMWon the sidelines of the award ceremony for the Under 18 rossoblù team, Italian champions in the Municipality: “It’s a fact that we hadn’t noticed, but having four levers in the Final Four is a natural consequence. This year in terms of results we have “a little ‘exaggerated’ and we’re pleased. It’s not the first objective, that remains to have players ready for professionalism and this year only two of them made their debuts, the other years a few more. However, there were some needs that allowed so many debuts However, it is a sign of continuity for all the coaches and managers, who have brought their respective teams to the top.”

The Under 15s are also in the final, we could soon celebrate another title:
“It’s like this, when we approach the quarter-finals and semi-finals we always take one step at a time. Always in the name of cohesion and the group. We have many under our belts, beyond the results the admiration and respect with which we they look at the opponents. The top clubs fear us a little, we are considered troublesome. It’s the most important result we’ve achieved.”

Some of the young players will strengthen Gilardino’s team in retreat, a great satisfaction.
“Yes, then the history of Genoa teaches that in some training camps players were called up who were destined to be loaned out and who instead were surprised. The case of Cambiaso is perhaps the most striking: he arrived at the training camp almost secretly, no one knew him and He was recovering from a knee injury. There are some incredible opportunities, our job is to bring them to the First Team as complete as possible.”

The future of Michele Sbravati?
“We are here, we have an important final ahead of us with a group made up of grassroots players. For two months we have been talking about managers and players who may leave, this is not the time to talk about it.”