Vicenza, Vecchi: “There is a desire to start again: same emotions as this year, but different ending”

The Vicenza coach Stefano Vecchi made the following statements at the great football gala, organized by the Giornale di Vicenza. Here is what was reported by “I was amazed by the warmth of Vicenza, even a 60-year-old man, this puts us in a position to do something more and make it seem like we are a Serie A coach, unfortunately I wasn’t able to emulate Mimmo, we feel obligated, and think about the future to build, we have a strong company and staff to do things well.

This year a little piece was missing, we want to give and convey emotions that you are just waiting to experience, Mimmo was the last despite Covid, we regret having come one step closer. Unfortunately in the end they were tears of disappointment but it shows the attachment and we feel more and more obliged to give our best, the boys demonstrated this on and off the pitch. We would like to leave immediately to experience the emotions but with a different ending.

Will the hard core remain? Today we discussed and we are all on the same line, we want to continue together with the desire to confirm a large part of the staff, we may lose some and we have lost some with injuries (Ferrari and Ronaldo underwent surgery today and we hope to have them soon) . We need to fix the staff and make it even stronger.”