Stam: “Monza did well to choose Nesta. Fonseca can bring Milan back to the top”

“Fonseca? Excellent choice by Milan. He is a top-level coach who has always made his teams play well. Fonseca has all it takes to bring Milan back to the glories of the past.” Words from the former Rossoneri defender Jaap Stamwho gave an interview to the microphones of ‘’

On Nesta at Monza: “I am happy for Alessandro because he is a fantastic person, as well as being an excellent coach. I am convinced that Monza did the right thing in choosing him because he is a prepared coach who will make his boys play well. Then, what is not insignificant, is “He was called by an old mutual friend of ours, Adriano Galliani, who will certainly give him confidence and not put too much pressure on him, which is fundamental for a coach making his debut in Serie A.”