Spain, Unai Simon on Yamal: “Brilliant player, he can be the star of the European Championship”

Unai Simongoalkeeper for Athletic Bilbao and Spain with which the European Championship is about to begin, gave an interview to SportWeek in which he talked about the Roja and his talents.

How is your national team?
“A mix of young and experienced. And this mezcla it is fundamental, because veterans feed off young people and vice versa. We have players like Lamine Yamal who are still minors but have an incredible personality that few of us had at their age: with the help of more experienced colleagues and the coach they can somehow be helped to bring out the great qualities they have. And then watch out: in addition to the two kids we have 3 who have won the Champions League, Carvajal, Nacho and Joselu, and then Nico Williams who is decisive, and important people like Morata and Rodri, we are a great group with excellent potential.”

Lamine Yamal will turn 17 the day before the final. Does the data scare you?
“No, no, not at all. I take advantage of his quality, I enjoy it and I admire him for what he is doing. He is the one who should be scared by his precociousness given that at 16 he plays at the highest level of world football.”

Can he be one of the stars of this European Championship?
“I think so. We already know him, he is a brilliant player, he has great dribbling, he enters the opponent’s area easily and at the same time he has already learned the defensive aspect of the game well. He is certainly an important player but we cannot put the whole weight of the team on a teenager
a collective effort, only with everyone’s commitment will we be able to be protagonists in Germany.”