Simple: “A new double-digit striker? Fiorentina needs more than 20 million”

Leonardo Sempliciformer coach of Spal and Spezia among others, spoke to Radio FirenzeViola, focusing on Fiorentina’s next moves and Raffaele Palladino’s arrival in Viola, the theme from which the interview began: “Fiorentina has ensured a good, prepared and emerging coach. He demonstrated, in Monza, that he makes his team play well, that he knows how to use multiple formations and that he knows how to manage the defensive aspect well. I think it was also a correct choice for Fiorentina continue the work path traced by Italiano in the last three years”.

What difference do you see between Italiano and the coach who took his place?
“In terms of game concepts, I believe that Italiano and Palladino are quite similar. What determines, if anything, are the qualities of the players who guarantee a more or less offensive expression of the team. I believe that if the team wants to improve on eighth place, it will need some investments, knowing full well that the staff that Palladino will have at its disposal will be of a good standard”.

The first target will be a double-digit striker, for whom Fiorentina could spend up to 20 million.
“To find a top-level striker you need a higher sum, I’m afraid… Retegui is a good player who could solve what has in fact been a constant limitation of the team, that is, some difficulties in front of goal and the lack of concreteness at the moment of score a goal”.