Sampdoria, Leoni is yours: but there is the shadow of Serie A on the baby Sampdoria defender

It was one of the happiest surprises of the second part of the season with Sampdoria. Giovanni Leoni, still 18 years old, has shown he has the quality and character of a veteran. Having arrived on tiptoe in the January transfer market from Padova, he was slowly able to earn his place in coach Andrea Pirlo’s defence. There were many absences, it is not necessary to list them all, but the daily work allowed the Roman central defender to carve out a space for himself together with Ghilardi and Facundo Gonzalez. There were mistakes, especially the one against Brescia, but they are part of the growth path of a young player like him who then produced more than positive performances.

The ransom
“If I have good players I put them on the pitch” Pirlo always repeated last season and so it was. 12 appearances in the six months spent in the shadow of the Lanterna with a goal scored in Palermo in the second leg of the regular season. Not bad for a boy from 2006. However, the club has shown that it is focusing strongly on the player and in fact in recent days the redemption has arrived from Padova. Last Wednesday the official announcement arrived, now Leoni is in all respects a Sampdoria player with the club of president Matteo Manfredi who has decided to invest 1.5 million euros.

Lots of teams on him
It remains to be understood now whether the boy will also be used next season or whether he will be sacrificed on the altar of the budget in the summer transfer market session. Torino have had their sights on the boy for some time but recently Napoli and finally Parma also seem to have been interested. The idea could be to sell him and then keep him on loan for a year but it is also not excluded that Sampdoria could decide to confirm him using other paths (Audero and redundancies) to raise money to then reinvest in new purchases.