Retegui: “Play point guard? No, you heard the coach. Spalletti has hot blood”

There PlayStationand more generally video games, were one of the accompanying themes of theItaly at the 2024 European Championships in Germany, which for our national team will begin this evening against Albania. The coach Luciano Spalletti he strictly prohibited them from retiring. And the players had to adapt.

Among these, too Mateo Retegui who, amidst laughter, replied not to play the journalist Sportweek who asked him if he spent some time on the point guard: “I listened to the coach and I don’t play. I heard what he said about what he wants, I do what the coach says. For me, what Spalletti says, as he has always told me said my father, these are sacred words.

Spalletti is hot blooded, he has a personality like that. Mancini was quieter, although he had a strong personality anyway. I spoke with Spalletti, I understood what he wants from me, that I help the team both with and without the ball. And then I imagine scoring goals, given the never position.

I believe that scoring goals is the most important thing for a striker, for a nine.”