Messi: “Winning is increasingly difficult, but we will try. We always say it”

Leo Mession the sidelines of the friendly match won byArgentina 4-1 against Guatemala also thanks to two of his goals, he released these statements reported by Clarin: “Winning is becoming more and more difficult. The same thing we always say at the start of every competition we play in. That we will continue to try to give our best, we want to continue trying. To continue achieving results, as we have said throughout this time. But it will be increasingly difficult, because the games are increasingly complicated. As they always say, winning again is increasingly difficult, but we will try again.”

On his compatriot Valentin Carboni: “He has a great future, but also a present. It seems to me that we have to take advantage of it, like many other guys who arrive with great strength. Since he arrived here in the United States, he trains with us. I had seen him in the Under 20s, but he has grown a lot: he is a different player, much more armed, much better trained and with tremendous quality.”