Linus writes to Fagioli: “Destiny sometimes takes tortuous turns before taking you to your destination”

The debut of theItaly at the European Championships, scheduled for this evening at 9.00 pm againstAlbania. For the occasion, La Gazzetta dello Sport it allowed exponents of the world of football and beyond to say a thought to one of the Azzurri called up by coach Luciano Spalletti for the continental review in Germany.

Among the names chosen, too Evelina Christillinwho as a Juventus fan decided to turn to a Juventus player Old lady: “Dear Andrea Cambiaso, ‘ghe semo’. Remember that all of Genoa is with you, and this evening I will be at the Dortmund stadium to cheer on our local Cambiaso, pronounced with the sweet Ligurian S and with the determination of a Griffon. It’s a début, continue the fight”.

Always in a black and white key the choice of Linuspopular radio host: “Dear Nicolò Fagioli, destiny sometimes takes tortuous turns before taking you to your destination, including stops that you would gladly do without. But everything that doesn’t stop us strengthens us. The hope is that your rebirth coincides with the blue one.”