Italy, Scamacca derby della Dea: the attacker is expected from the match against Djimsiti

Italy-Albania, scheduled for this evening at 9pm in Dortmund, speaks with a light Bergamo accent. In fact, among the many duels that will characterize the match that will open the European Championship between the two national teams, there is also the one between two teammates atAtalanta: on the one hand Scamacca who will lead the blue attack, on the other Djimsiti i.e. the leader of the Albanian defense.

They have been training together for a year, in Zingonia they will certainly have met face to face a thousand times. Gasperini may have given them tips and tricks, but today is different. Today the European Championship is at stake and therefore hugs only at the end of the game. First, it will be a spectacle to see them. As he points out La Gazzetta dello SportScamacca has no mysteries for the Albanian who knows its winning weapons, in particular its double identity: 9 in the area but also a deep center forwardwho almost directs the offensive operations in the attacking midfield, enjoying an assist and a through ball more than a goal.

Djimsiti for his part is used to “going out”: In Atalanta they play man-to-man and therefore it is likely that they will follow him to the changing rooms. It could be a strategic mistake because the blue would thus open corridors for Frattesi, Chiesa and Pellegrini. In the area, Ismajli’s collaboration will be needed because physically Scamacca is not easy to stop. So who will be able to best exploit the knowledge of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses? He spoke to the camp.