Italy, “playful” revolution in defense: Bastoni-Calafiori will be the new blue wall

From an insurmountable wall to a “playful” defense. This is the revolution brought home Italy from Luciano Spalletti, in view of the European Championships which will begin for the Azzurri this evening with the match against Albania. If historically the Italian team has always been an Italian department ready not to let even a pin pass, like Buffon-Cannavaro-Nesta (and then Materazzi) at the 2006 World Cup or Donnarumma-Bonucci-Chiellini at the last European Championships, the defense is there will propose this evening has greater construction characteristics.

As he points out La Gazzetta dello Sportthe central blue couple will in fact be composed of Alessandro Bastoni And Riccardo Calafiori. The Inter centre-back is a young old man: he is 25 years old and has been with the Azzurri for four. With Inzaghi he learned to enter the maneuver, advancing the ball and creating superiority. Today he can take the ranks of leader, because next to him will be the youngest of the group.

We are obviously talking about the Bologna centre-back: 20 years old and with just 2 appearances for the national team. He is a technical centre-back: good feet, determination as a scorer, vision as a director, depth as a midfielder. Also left winger, the old role. With Motta in Bologna he was the best in the championship, now the coach would like him at Juve. Spalletti was enchanted by him and also used him as a midfielder in Coverciano. Personality to spare, with the risk of some light-heartedness due to excessive confidence.