Italy-Albania, here are the two brains: Jorginho sole play, Bajrami has shots like a number 10

Having said that in a match it is difficult for two players to act only in one area of ​​the pitch, it is very likely that in the course of Italy-Albania the brains of the two teams often clash. As he points out La Gazzetta dello Sportit’s about Jorginho on the blue front and of Nedim Bajrami as regards the Albanian team.

Jorginho was the best of Wembley’s heroes: an exploit thanks to which he could and perhaps should have won the Ballon d’Or. With Verratti next to him, the dribble maneuver was a spectacle: no one stopped them. Today is different: Jorginho risks finding himself more alone, sole playmaker. Barella will be there, but he must also propose verticalisations.

Bajrami, given this probable dynamic on the pitch, will seek the first pressure on the blue point guard to force him to slow down his approach. The Sassuolo attacking midfielder is a true 10: he has technique, elegant shots and not always continuity. It will depend on his inspiration and how Albania will collectively occupy the spaces.

For Italy it would be essential to find an old-fashioned Jorginho: with Turkey and Bosnia he limited himself to short support, while Fagioli followed the
collective maneuver. Jorginho will have to broaden his range of action and also seek collaboration in Calafiori or Dimarco, it depends on who advances. Bajrami not
he is a scorer, but if he starts dribbling, Jorginho will also have to chase him to avoid creating a dangerous two-on-two with Broja.