Gotti, permanence and renewal: Lecce has an ambitious project

Lecce fans have been waiting for the announcement of Luca Gotti’s stay in the 2024-25 season for a long time. The Salento company, on Monday, communicated not only the confirmation, but even the renewal. The contract is therefore a two-year period, signed at the end of a summit between the coach and Pantaleo Corvino. The two agreed not only on the purely economic aspect but, above all, on the design one.

A great demonstration of esteem and trust towards Mr. Gotti.
A two-year contract at Lecce is truly news. Following the three-year contract proposed to Corini with water in his throat, less than a week before the pre-Series B 2020-21 training camp, Corvino had never unbuttoned himself. Annual not only for D’Aversa, even for Baroni despite the promotion to the top category. If the manager of the technical area has found a two-year agreement with Gotti, it means that there is great esteem and trust following the salvation obtained by the former Udinese player.

The market begins: discounts for no one, there is the intention to further improve the staff.
At the summit that took place last weekend, the coach and the transfer manager found a consensus regarding their summer intentions. The Salento people have many requests for their jewels, however there is absolutely no desire to dismantle a team that is already decidedly valid today, which can be further shored up. The value of players like Dorgu and Gallo has skyrocketed this season and EURO 2024 could further increase the reputation of Pongracic, Ramadani and Berisha. Inevitably there will be some sales; several players are on the launching pad and Lecce won’t clip their wings, but they won’t make any discounts.