Giannichedda: “Chiesa must be a driving force. Juve, Motta will be under examination”

TMW Radio

Guest of TMW Radioduring Maracanawas the coach and former footballer Giuliano Giannichedda.

Italy, Barella recovered. What do you expect against Albania?
“Barella must play because he is the best man and the first match is very important, we must win to have more enthusiasm, because winning helps you win.”

Which player do you expect something more from?
“I hope for Chiesa. He didn’t do very well, he had some physical problems, but his playing style also suffered. He wants revenge and Spalletti can help him. I expect a good European Championship from Chiesa. He must lead Scamacca is fine, but during the European Championship he will meet other physical players like him.”

Motta-Juve, what do you say?
“Everyone is waiting for Motta, but it also depends on the players. If the names you hear arrive, you have to aim for the Scudetto. Of course, if only a couple of names arrive, the prospects change. But it’s certainly under examination. Motta”.

Who could be the anti-Inter?
“The one in most difficulty is Fonseca, Motta can give a breath of fresh air to Juve.”