Chants and banners, a river of fans protest Lotito with the promise of repeating the protest again

In the square for the Lazio. There are those who speak of almost 20 thousand people present yesterday for the peaceful protest against the management of president Claudio Lotito. According to what was reported by Courier of Romepeople of all ages were present to express their dissent for the Lotito presidency, now in its 20th year.

During the rally, which began at the Flaminio stadium, some members of the organized groups reiterated that their discomfort is not linked to the arrival of the new coach Marco Baroni but to Lotito’s management. There were also many banners: “Neither before, nor now, nor ever will you be my president”, “Enrico speak to your father. Free us”, “The merchant out of Lazio!”. The demonstration, peaceful from start to finish, moved from the Flaminio stadium to the Milvio bridge. Hence the promise to repeat the protest again.