Budan on Croatia: “Group that has been together for years, Modric holds the balance”

Igor Budana former Croatian striker who spent almost his entire career in Italy, spoke to SportWeek of his national team which was included in the same group as the Azzurri at the European Championships: “Ours is a national team built with great attention, thinking about the current form of the players, their experience and naturally their quality. It is a group that has been together for a while ‘ of years and in which young people who are doing well have been included. Croatia is a small country, and every time one of the “senators” leaves, the doubt assails us: oh God, now what? excellent guys, maybe not phenomena, who guarantee us continuity of results.”

Focus, in particular, on the median of the Croatia: “The basic formation should be 4-2-3-1, with the midfielders often exchanging positions with each other. Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic rotate without giving points of reference. The three of them perhaps feel the weight of the years, but the midfield remains our strongest department. Modric is our tipping point, at Real Ancelotti managed him in an exceptional way, allowing him to present himself in good condition at the European Championship.

Luka is a guarantee: whether he plays the whole match or just part of it, he manages to make the difference. Kovacic had an important year at City; Brozovic, going to Arabia, dropped in level, but remains one of great professionalism; We know Mario Pasalic well, Majer is a very talented player, he is someone who can “split” the game, as good as he is at jumping the man. Baturina is one of those smart young people I mentioned at the beginning. In my opinion in the summer he will be the object of desire for many. It’s superfluous to talk about Ivan Perisic, we just hope that he has recovered well from his cruciate injury.”