Bayern, Upamecano on his future: “We’ll see, I haven’t spoken to Kompany yet”

In an interview with The Teamthe Bayern Munich defender Dayot Upamecano he spoke on various topics, initially taking stock of his year: “At the beginning of the season it went well. In the second part it was more complicated, with my two expulsions: in February, against Lazio in the Champions League and then against Bochum in the Championship. Afterwards I didn’t play again. It was a complex situation, but I never gave up.

On the fear that the call for the continental review would not arrive: “I wasn’t afraid, but I had to keep in shape. I continued to work, even though I had few minutes on the pitch, trying to understand which mistakes I shouldn’t have made. The coach (Thomas Tuchel ed) made his choices, we must accept them.”

After two years at Bayern, can Upamencano leave? The centre-back, in this regard, says: “We’ll see, we’ll see. It’s one of the biggest clubs in Europe. I haven’t discussed it with my leaders yet, I’m totally focused on the European Championship. Subsequently, we’ll have a discussion. It could play a role the presence of Vincent Kompany on the bench? He’s a defender I really liked, but for the moment I haven’t had a discussion with him.”