Vullo: “I always expect something more from Avellino, he had to aim for the top”

TMW Radio

The former footballer and coach Salvatore Vullo, spoke to the microphones of TMW Radio during the transmission To All C.

Was Sia expecting something more from Avellino’s season?
“We always expect something more from Avellino. A lot was invested and the team could have done more, they were the best equipped. He only recovered at the last minute, but we should have aimed for the top rather than making the playoffs.”

Perinetti and Pazienza will however be confirmed. How important is it to provide continuity in any case?
“It’s a significant point. Reconfirming the staff, with Perinetti and Pazienza is important, although perhaps not all the fans are so happy. I always have respect for the Avellino fans, but lately there has been a bit too much talk. For the transfer market, however, we need a leader in the middle of the pitch.”

Is Group C confirmed as the most complicated?
“There is quality in Group A and Group B too, but only in the top three or four teams. In Group C, however, there are many more teams aiming for the top. We are seeing important investments and many players are taking advantage of it to have a launch pad.”

Listen to Salvatore Vullo’s complete speech in the podcast below