Vieri: “Thuram is a discovery, Vlahovic is ready. Lukaku? If he’s well it’s devastating”

Christian Vieria former striker for Inter, Milan, Lazio and Atletico Madrid among others, praised Marcus Thuram in the interview given to La Gazzetta dello Sport: “A great discovery. He’s much stronger than I thought. I expect him to score a lot at the European Championship, in the favorite team for the title.”

Giroud has decided to gain experience in MLS.
“He is the center forward who makes his teammates play in a devastating attack. He scores less than others, he does more than others for the team: he makes them climb, breathe, his work never fails.”

Can Lukaku be enough for Belgium?
“This past season wasn’t very brilliant. If trained well it’s devastating, but I mean if, precisely: when he’s not in shape, he loses speed, and for him it’s a lot. We’ll also have to see how Belgium will play around him in this moment of transition.”

Will we see the real Vlahovic?
“For me he doesn’t score less than 5 goals. He remained positive even when Juve weren’t. I see him calm, ready. Apart from the deadly left foot and the header he has one thing more: great anger and great hunger of goals”.

The latest arrival is Zirkzee.
“I was very surprised that they hadn’t called him before. Another one who plays with the team and for the team: not a striker, but he has a lot of quality and when he scores goals, it’s easy for him to do it very well. And sometimes those who arrive he’s having a great tournament when he’s running.”